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Vegan MoFo Week Two Recap: Three Giveaways, Multiple Cranberries, and My Home is a TV Studio

I. Vegan MoFo:

Well, right off the bat, I want to say this to all the other Vegan MoFo participants:

I salute you.

Kudos to you all.

Hats off.

You have my admiration.

I am in awe of you.

You rock!

And also, I am very tired.

Sure, I’ve been accused […]


Almost-as-Awesome-as-George-Clooney Muffins

I know; nothing is as awesome as George Clooney. (Well, at least according to George Clooney). But this is still one heck of a stud muffin, nonetheless! (*groan*).

So, are you ready for the Oscars?!

As I’ve been remarking on twitter, I’m not sure why I’m so geared up to watch […]


How I Spent My Florida Vacation, Part II: Sarasota. A Copycat Recipe. And Alligators!

[Do you have any idea how scary it was to snap a closeup of this alligator?!

Me, neither. (Source)]

After that harrowing ordeal in the airport and the relentless carnival atmosphere of Miami Beach in the first half of our trip, the HH and I were […]


What Can I Give You? Giveaway Winners and Fishy Gift


But before I announce the exciting news (not to sound too much like the American Idol results show or anything), I wanted to tell you about a different kind of giveaway–a birthday gift to Momma Fish (mom of the lovely and […]


Maple Mania II: Maple Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream

[ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO ENTER THE MAPLE SYRUP AND LAYER CAKE GIVEAWAY! If you haven’t yet entered, hop on over to this post and leave a comment! ]

Alas, I was too young to be part of the Hippie Generation (Woodstock ’69; Flower Power; Bed-Ins for Peace; […]


Sweet (Freedom) Giveaway–and Blog News!

First, the blog news: Welcome to the new home of DDD! We’re almost there–I’m about 95% moved in and unpacked so far. . . we’ve still got to add a virtual top coat of paint, rearrange some html furniture and hang some digital pictures before the rest is up and running over the next week […]


Maple Mania I: Marvelous Maple-Flax Cookies

[Welcome to the new home of Diet, Dessert and Dogs! I’m still tweaking the format and layout of the blog, so please bear with me while I update some links, combine some page tabs, etc. It should all be up and running smoothly within the next week or so!]



Maple-Walnut Cookies

Despite my constant whining about winter (When, oh when will it finally be over?? How much longer must I endure this bleak, bleached, desolate wasteland of frigid snow? How many more days must I suffer through this torturous, crystalline hell on earth? ), I fully recognize that the season Below Zero […]