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Eating Out of Both Sides of My Mouth

I remember vividly my first day in English class as an undergraduate student, so many decades ago. The professor was lecturing about Samuel Beckett, and remarked that Beckett was “an enigma.” With that comment, I felt a little faint: here I was, an upstart 17 year-old already in her second year of university (courtesy of […]


Sinuses and Stress

When I woke up this morning, the unmistakeable signs were there: slight throbbing pain behind the forehead, soreness in the eyes whenever I look this way or that, and a sinking feeling that the little diet-conscious man inside my head was finally annoyed enough that, in retribution, he decided to stand behind the bridge of […]


A Fresh Attempt at Meditation

The last few nights, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep, then waking up in the morning feeling exhausted. My heart is pounding too fast, my chest feels full and heavy, my stomach aches ever so slightly. I’d say this was caused by overeating or binging, but I haven’t actually been indulging in those lovely […]