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Ten Things that Make Me Happy

So, did you catch all 20 song titles in that last, Waldo-esque post? Today, it’s ten up-front things that make me happy (looks like we’re working in multiples of ten on DDD these days. Ah, if only that applied to the last 10 pounds I want to lose.*sigh*).

Last week, […]


Extreme Meme, an Award and an Injury: Some Non-Food Tidbits

Recently, I was tagged by Kelly at The Pink Apron and River of Wing It Vegan to share 7 random facts about myself, and Giz at Equal Opportunity Kitchen to do a blog-related meme.

I do enjoy memes (and love reading about others through their memes), but I must admit that I am finding it […]


The Universe is Random

I’d planned to begin posting the next Lucky Comestible (coconut) today, but as it turned out I was completely wiped out after participating in the local (and first annual) Totally Fabulous Vegan Bakeoff yesterday. The event, sponsored by the Toronto Vegetarian Association in honor of World Vegetarian Day, hosted 30 entrants (of which I was […]


Musings on Food and Meme-ish Fun

Sometimes, despite all good intentions, things do go awry.

On Friday, I had a little luncheon date with two former classmates from nutrition school. I always look forward to these meetings, since these women (besides sharing the NAG diet philosophy) are invariably funny, witty, and generally loads of fun to be with. The meeting […]


Ten Photo Meme

I must say, I never expected my little apple butter sauce to cause such a stir (no pun intended–oh, all right, pun intended). It always amazes me which blog entries elicit a strong reaction while others, like Andy Garcia, might be on par with their (more popular) contemporaries, but for some reason still don’t garner […]


I Got Meme’d!

Well, I thought I’d just pop in here for a minute (I know, poor me, nothing else to do on a Friday night–sniff, boo hoo) to add a quick post before the real weekend fun starts–watching Battlestar Gallactica with the HH and The Girls! Whoo-hoo!

One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa of Lisa’s Vegetarian Kitchen, […]


Five Things

Well, the HH and I just returned yesterday from a quick weekend jaunt to Montreal to visit with family and friends (more on that next time), which means I haven’t had time to cook over the past few days. A food post will have to wait, and so. . .

Since I was tagged […]



In the past week I’ve been tagged for a meme by a few people and thought I’d be eco-minded and just combine all the answers here.

The 123 Book Meme from Annie at Health Treks is actually the easiest–just open a book to page 123 and copy what it says. The other meme, from […]


Moroccan Spiced Tomato Soup

As promised, I’m going to supply the recipes from the cooking class I taught last week—my last ever in my home (sniff!).

But first, I must interrupt today’s entry because I’ve been tagged for a meme! Annie over at Forest Street Kitchen kindly included me in the game. Considering that up until […]