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Remembering Mom Today

The Girls having a little wrestle-fest in the back yard.

For someone who’s been without her mother for quite a long time (my mum died in 1991), I tend to think about her rather a lot.

Maybe it’s the little photo of her perched on my bedside table that I see every […]


Grilled Romaine with Sweet and Smoky Dressing–and Sayonara, Dole Summit

Along with my final recap of the Dole Summit festivities, I decided to share this Grilled Romaine with Sweet and Smoky Dressing recipe today because, well, I’ve been pouting about it for days now (which can really make your lips tired after the first 7 or so hours).

Okay, so I […]


Dog Day: Who’s Your Mama?

For all the moms out there. . .

Whether a Mom by birth,

[My mother on her wedding day, aged 22]

a Mom by choice,

[Elsie, you’re a pretty good pillow.”]

or a Mom you hold close in your heart,


Dog Day: Celebrate All Moms!

Although I am not a mother and I lost my own mom many years ago, over time I’ve come to feel that Mother’s Day is nevertheless a cause for celebration.

As Oprah Winfrey is fond of pointing out, motherhood is the hardest job on earth. I wholeheartedly agree; and the older I get, the […]