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Black Forest Cookie Dough Truffles for Attune Foods

As promised, today’s recipe is number three in this week’s list of sweet Valentine’s Day treats! Be sure to check out the healthy Butterscotch Pudding and Granola-Topped Blueberry Pie Bars, too!

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it:

A) Flowers? […]


Dog Day: Wuff is in the Air

“Hmmm. . . I know there was something special happening today. . . but what? Maybe if I sleep with my head on Elsie’s pillow I’ll think of it . . . “.

“Mum, I appreciate that you turned on this doggie television for me, but that’s not it. […]


Dog Day: Be Mine

“Mum, I heard it’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m practising my best come-hither look. . . do you think that cute Henry will notice? In the meantime, would you mind peeling me a grape?” **

“Hey, Elsie, is this how you do it? How’s this, huh? What do you […]


Sweet Potato for My Sweetheart: Spiked Sweet Potato Truffles or Truffle Cups

Are you looking forward to V-Day next week? Seems most people either love it or hate it. Being from the “never too much schmaltz” school of romance, I love Valentine’s Day. Even during all those years before I met the HH, I’d always endeavor to celebrate somehow. I’d send […]


Could This Be Love? Post V-Day Dinner

Even though this morning was the first day of my chocolate detox, that didn’t stop me from having a whale of a time at our (slightly postponed) Valentine’s Day Dinner last evening. With the weather being as inclement as ever, the HH and I began prepping our meal around 3:30 PM, and just kept at […]


I Heart Valentine’s Day

Do you love Valentine’s Day? It seems to elicit one of two diametrically opposed reactions from most people: either sentimental, tug-at-your-heartstrings devotion, or else complete, unmitigated disdain. (I must admit I’m closer to the former). But whether you love or hate it, wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall at […]


Vegan Molten Chocolate Cakes

[Disclaimer: With all the responses I’ve gotten to this cake–good AND bad–I felt it necessary to point out that I created this recipe as a response to all the hype over a particular cookbook that has taken the spotlight over hiding spinach in a chocolate dessert. As I mentioned in the original post about sweets […]