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Wellness Weekend November 8-12, 2012

It’s Wellness Weekend once again–welcome to another week of sugar-free, whole foods, healthy recipes! As always, last week’s entries were a stellar combination of seasonal, creative, and absolutely mouth-watering recipes (and glad you all enjoyed Elsie and Chaser’s Halloween costumes so much!).

Thanks so much for continuing to link up!

Newsy […]


Wellness Weekend November 1-5, 2012

It’s Wellness Weekend once again–welcome to another week of sugar-free, whole foods, healthy recipes! But before we get to the food, I couldn’t very well begin this week’s event without acknowledging the incredible storm that just swept through the US and parts of Canada.

Some of you know that the HH and […]


Wellness Weekend, October 25-29, 2012

Welcome back to Wellness Weekend! First, let me say “thank you” to everyone who sent Happy Birthday wishes via twitter and Facebook over the weekend–what a lovely way to make the day even more special! The HH and I celebrated on Sunday (and it was so great to get a break–even if only […]


Wellness Weekend August 23-27, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend! Can it really be that we’re heading into the last week of August?! Where has the summer gone? I missed most of the last week stressing over root canal issues (and thank you all for your comments and advice on that one–I’ll provide an update next post!). […]


Wellness Weekend August 16-20, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend! It’s exam week at the college where I teach, so as you read this I’m probably up to my eyebrows in marking. But that needn’t stop YOU from cooking up fabulous, healthy recipes! Last week’s entries were creative and delicious, as usual. And there’s lots going on […]


Wellness Weekend, August 9-13, 2012


Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend! Thanks for joining in and sharing all your healthy, sugar-free and vegan recipes. I love seeing what you whip up each week! And please feel free to share the event on twitter–I’ve shortened the hashtag to #WWknd so you can fit more about the recipe in […]


Wellness Weekend, July 12-16, 2012

Welcome back to another summertime Wellness Weekend! After my computer woes last week (still haven’t accessed all my photos that were saved on our external drive–I can’t even entertain the thought that I might have lost ALL my photos of

And it looks like you’ve all been enjoying summer fruits and veggies […]


Wellness Weekend, June 28-July 2, 2012

It’s the Canada Day Edition of Wellness Weekend–Happy Long Weekend, Canadians (and no worries, Americans, you get your own holiday next week)! 😀

With this mega summer celebration comes a Mega Summer Ebook Sale on DDD! For a limited time only, I’m offering a great deal on any TWO ebooks from the […]


Wellness Weekend, June 21-25, 2012

It’s our first Wellness Weekend of Summer!

It’s been a really hectic week this past week with student assignments, a computer crash, and a dental emergency (yes, my mouth is still throbbing). So the recipe I’d intended to post yesterday will wait until the weekend. . . but we’ve still got Wellness […]


Wellness Weekend June 7-11, 2012

Happy Wellness Weekend! Welcome to another week of amazing, creative, irresistible foods–all made by YOU!

Once again, you’ve blown me away with the incredible lineup of recipes from last week. Seriously, when am I going to make all these recipes?? (because, really, I want to make them all). Thank you for continuing […]