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New Year’s Pelau

Yes, it is currently almost a week after Valentine’s Day (did you see the lovely flowers the HH got for me, after my oh-so-subtle prodding?), and I’m just posting my recipe from New Year’s Eve. Sure, you might think, “Wow, that Ricki is really slow at posting her recipes!” But what […]


Go Ahead, Indulge: Baked Millet-Squash Porridge

[How to indulge on a Sunday morning.]

Recently, a friend emailed me a link to this interview with Bel Kaufman (author of the legendary novel Up the Down Staircase). What struck me most about Kaufman (apart from the fact that she’s still vibrant and joking at 100), was her […]


Anti-Candida Friendly Tempeh “Bourguignon”*

*Well, it’s not really “bourguignon.” But it is ACD friendly, sugar free, gluten free, and vegan. And it tastes delicious. What more could you ask for?

I will never forget the first lecture I attended as a callow undergraduate at the University of Windsor: it was Modern American Drama, with a […]


Last Minute Recipe Suggestions

Who’s ready to celebrate?

With all of my 175 students’ assignments, exams and final marks finally submitted–I am now officially on holidays until 2011–whoo hoo! That makes me one very celebratory gal. Par-tay, I say!

And how about having everything all ready to start cooking my big holiday meal?

Um, no. (Insert sheepish […]


Winter Comfort Food: Baked Rice Pudding

When we were kids, the CFO and I would rejoice if we woke up on a December morning to find that the street had been coated in a blanket of snow while we’d slept. We’d squeal with delight (after the high-fives) knowing that we’d most likely be snowed in for the […]


Chili to Last Through the Winter

The three of you who were reading my blog last year at this time may recall that I am not a fan of winter. “What?” the rest of you ask, “and you from Montreal?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that being born in a certain […]


Comfort from the Cold: Spiced Brown Basmati Rice Pudding

Somewhere around the first week of December (either that or the 3rd day there’s snow on the ground, whichever comes first), I decide I’ve had enough of winter. Bah! Who needs lawns covered in a glistening, pristine blanket of white? Who needs billowy undulations of snow-covered hills along the roadside? Who needs that dainty spray […]


Silence, Snow, and Sweets

Two suburban blocks sure can make a difference. I swear, we moved north–two blocks north–and suddenly, we’re living in the arctic.

This never seemed to happen at the old house: the snow is swirling madly about my window, displaced drifts gusting in a constantly shifting veil of wayward […]